The Final Commission Global Mission

About TFCM

Greetings in the name of YHVH.

We are a team of 5 fold ministry trainers who utilize the airwaves for equipping Christians to step out and believe for the work of their ministries. Our “In-Air” training approach presents the Final Commission as a specialized virtual God-ordained strategy bolstered by supernatural workings of (Dunamis) Power and Authority. This is activated by the preaching of the Good News  demonstrating to the unsuspecting “The Kingdom of God has come near you!”

With the Kingdom in operation, signs will follow Christians  who believe! Jesus commanded his disciples to take nothing and sell off what they had, making themselves free to walk by faith for the commission. Our Boot Camp style approach is key in effectively training  THOSE WHO, like the disciples who were willing to sign up for the mission and walk in Kingdom obedience .

Young and old alike who want be equipped for a move of God and spiritual happenings in their cities and marketplaces are zealous Christians actively accepting “The mission possible;”  receiving Gods promises of Power & Authority with signs following!

It is simple… Sign up, get trained and GO!

By completing the Power Evangelism levels 1 – 5  participants will understand the importance of living Godly and holy before the Lord. They will be equipped and confident in healing the sick, casting out devils, and moving in the gifts of the Spirit to win the lost. Our “Special Forces Ministry leadership Training “In-Air” courses  empowers poised Christians and ministry leaders to step out of their comfort zones and move out in the Power and Kingdom Authority as the disciples did!

Through our “In-Air” & “Ground force” boot camp-style training, Christians everywhere can rise up and be bold warriors for God. Fighting for their homes, neighborhoods and cities.

We are looking for Christians who are passionate for Christ and His mission.

We will provide impartation , activation, release and support for those who wish to host an “In-Air” or “Ground force” boot camp-style training in your area or a “in air” training.

Contact commission coordinator: Joseph Edward for more information.

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