The Final Commission Global Mission

Authority to Expel Demons


This is one of the top commands that Jesus gave to His Disciples at the Great Commissioning. He said that casting out demons would be the number one sign of the believer (Mark 16:17), and their Kingdom Authority… as opposed to the common Christian theology that neither teaches or encourages the casting out of demons.

         The casting out of demons is number one on the list of the signs we see in the power of the Gospels. The order of this list, was by no means an accident. In order to be set free, encounter the fullness of the Holy Spirit, and God’s calling for your life, and even healing (Mat. 8:16); demons must be removed (cast out). 

        For a disciple (in our humble opinion) to move from Power Level 1 to Power Level 2, they must receive their own deliverance first. Only then, will they be ready to impart deliverance to others with the The Holy Spirit’s guidance (John 14:26).

        Power Level 1 training … first “get free” then you can free others. Here is a good saying to remember…

                                               “He or She  that has been delivered from much, delivers much”


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