The Final Commission Global Mission

Command and Impart Healing with “Faith of God”

Before the Great Commission, Jesus spent time training his disciples through demonstration of the principles of healing. Jesus commanded healing, and was also empowered by The Holy Spirit without measure to Heal the sick.  

In Level 2 you will learn how Jesus healed the sick by command. We will also discuss the gifts of healing , how you can flow in the “Gift,” enabling you to  “prophesy, rebuke & command” as the Holy Spirit leads

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“By the Faith of GOD say unto this mountain be thou removed and it will obey you”

(Mark 11:23)

Healing and casting out of unclean spirits  is the primary way  Jesus won the lost.

He commanded their sicknesses and demons to leave !

He healed all their diseases!

Delivered them from all manner of sickness!

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