The Final Commission Global Mission

Receive/Impart the Holy Spirit’s Gifts with Dunamis Power

We must be free of demons to effectively free others. When Power & Authority Level 1 is complete you are more likely to be healed of sicknesses because demons have been removed. You will then be able to impart healing and deliverance to others.

Jesus ministered in the Authority of The King and the Faith of His Father, through obedience by His Father’s Commands. The roots of curses and all sickness were broken by the Faith of God within Him, bestowed upon Him, by The Holy Spirit (The Father). (10:38)

Jesus said “Greater Works shall you do because I go to my Father.” Jesus also said  He must send “The Comforter.” Scripture says, The Lord working “with them” performed the Signs and Wonders “through hem.”

In Power Level 2… You learned how to receive the power “Dunamis” of God by working by the Command of His Word “Logos.” executed by the “Rhema” of His Word on our lips. These two together impart and release  the “Faith of God.

You will also learned to exercise the Gift of The Spirit in “A measure” you have been given… each person receives the Power of God according to the measure of their Faith.

In Power Level 3… we will lead you to the Upper Room, where you will wait upon The Lord to receive His Power! This Dunamis power gives you what you will need as you War in The Spirit for friends, family and even cities as The Holy Spirit intercedes through you.

For up and coming training and teachings for POWER LEVEL 3, CLICK HERE!

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