The Final Commission Global Mission

S.W.A.T Street Witnessing And Training

One of our beloved Elijah Challenge world coordinators, has put together a comprehensive PowerPoint training. School of Authority Evangelism encapsulates experiences in the nations of India, Asia, the Philippines, and the streets of America.

He will teach you to be an effective witness of your faith in Christ to others with signs following. Yes, demons will cry out! Yes, people will be set free and healed!  Yes, many will come to Christ! This will happen as you apply The Word of God and learn by  his years of streetwise experience.

  the Colonel also a Special Forces ranger in the United States Military  will give a special demonstration for those who want  to learn how to “survive to thrive” in the perilous times approaching. So get ready to receive your S.W.A.T commission and take up The Elijah Challenge today!

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